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Comparing Used Royal Purple And Used Valvoline Coupon Full Synthetic

It is Jeremy here back with another video, I get the camera here, it’s rainy, but it was rainy, it’s muggy and horrible outside, I hadn’t driven the car for a while, someone took it out for a little bit.

When I emptied the Mishimoto cat-scan, there were a couple of metal shavings in there, because of stupidity, looking back, I may have cross threaded the catch the first time I put it on.

So I could have had some metal shavings from that, I’m going to open the hood up quickly, check the oil, see where the low levels are and see if we’ve been burning any oil like I was with the Royal purple.

I’m also going to pull off the cat scan and look at the oil and gauge the quality of it, see if it looks a little bit better than what it was before granted, a lot of gunk gets caught into that, but I hope it looks a little cleaner than it did when I had the royal purple in it.


The first thing I want to do is to check the oil, I drove the car probably about an hour, I had some things to go out and do in town, so we should have an accurate reading on it.

I’ll wipe that off quickly, put it back in, Mr. J is going to work, I have the exact amount of oil that I put in there, I do my own oil changes, so it’s weird, I don’t know if you can see it, if we can manually focus them, it’s hard to see it, because the oil is so clean.

Honestly, it is exactly where it should be, so I’m going to go ahead and pop off the catch pan and see what the quality of the oil looks like, I tried pulling it off the other day, it was so cold, I couldn’t get these loose, so unscrewed the cat-scan and the oil.

Obviously, like I said, it’s going to get gunky, let’s take a look at it quickly, I want to tell you it’s definitely not as dark, I do have the old oil, so we will do a comparison, but this is full, we got a lot of blow-by and in a short amount of time holy crap, so let’s check this out, so you can see that’s quite a bit good amount of oil holy crap and oddly enough, it has that coffee color.

The car seems to be running a little bit rich, you might have a little bit of fuel mixed in here which is unheard of, so give me one second, let me put this into another bottle, so here we have the old oil, I’m amazed at how much more oil I have this time.

When I did this, I didn’t drive as many miles, it didn’t take the car out as much, so go ahead and pour this in this little cup, you get the point, I’m not going to even let all this drip out, here’s the other one, we’re going to pour in here, that’s a lot.


I probably could have filled up a cup of that with this inside of the catch can is gunky, as you can see it is to be expected, so you can clearly see the color difference between these, you can see the difference in color, we’ve got a good amount in there.

Here’s the other one, I was going to think it could because of the dye, they put in the royal purple, but I looked online that the dye dissipates once the engine gets heated up, so it doesn’t come out purple that comes out normal color, but that’s a big difference.

I’ll be honest, I’m no expert at this, I don’t know which one is more normal than the other, I’m going to assume this one having a lighter color, is it going to be more normal? Like I said, I’m no expert, I could be wrong here, but the color and the consistency is completely different, it’s wild, so I did some research on the forums.

If you check the wall by the dipstick, the color you’re going to see is a darker color, so it’s good that we still had oil that look brand new on the dipstick, according to the forums and a couple of people I call around and ask if you’re going by a catch can, a wider color is better, darker, it clearly means more contaminants.

The only thing concerns me a little bit about the color and the texture as we’re getting water in there coolant which I initially thought when I had the white smoke coming out of the exhaust in my first royal purple video.

I checked the coolant level there, the coolant level was fine, it didn’t lose any coolant and I also went out and checked the coolant level to make sure that I got all my facts, but coolant is perfect, so everything’s good, that’s why I need you to drop a comment.

I’m not sure what to think about the oil, like I said, this is a random video, it is the main purpose why I want to see it, if I burned any oil, definitely invest in a catch can, I think Michi Moda makes an awesome product, the cat scan is great, the quality of it is good, it doesn’t feel cheap like the other competitors.

Most of them do the same thing, but you got to look when you’re shopping around, make sure you get one with the baffle in it like the Mishimoto has comparing these two oils together, I like the Valvoline better, I see a lot of people commenting on my royal purple video, most of them are negative.

I think I’ve got more dislikes than likes on that video, but I do have a handful of people who support me on this, it’s not what it’s cracked out to be, I can tell you it might work better in other applications, it might not work well in my car.

I’m not saying royal purple makes a bad product, it doesn’t work for me, I’ll tell you the Valvoline, they put in at the dealership, this was on free oil change too, I haven’t burned any oil versus royal purple, I think it was 500 miles, I put in quarts of oil, I wanted to go back to Mobil 1, but I heard some good things about the babbling synthetic, so I went ahead and wrapped that.

I’ll be honest, I’m happy with it with that being said, I’m probably going to use the rest of my free oil changes at the dealership and run that Valvoline, after that, I’ll probably switch back to Mobil 1, I’m impressed with the oil the car ran better, it’s hard to explain, it’s engine oil, it’s hard to explain it.

I was smoother, I got back some of that lost power that I had when I was running royal purple, but at the same time, it’s hard to say, because I did replace the spark plugs as well, I’m sure that played a part, I love the Valvoline oil, it’s an awesome oil.

I’d probably post up a video of me when I was younger, I had a couple of comments telling me to post it up, I don’t know, give me a couple of days, I’ll probably post it up, it’s embarrassing, it’s not even a good video, it’s funny.

So if you want to see an old video of me, make fun of me a little bit, but I’m sure I’ll get roasted, because this is so embarrassing, I’ll post it, give me a couple of days, I’ll put the video up there, that’ll probably be the next video I post.

Make sure to leave a comment, I know this was a random video, I hope you liked it though, so let me know what you think, drop a comment, what are your thoughts on royal purple? Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of your thoughts and my royal purple video in the main video, I made about the oil and I respect everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

I have my opinions, you can have your opinion, I don’t want to start a fight over it, it’s stupid, it’s oil, it’s not a big deal, the oil didn’t work for me, if it works for you, that’s awesome, if you have had problems with royal purple, drop a comment, if you haven’t had any problems, you absolutely love it, drop a comment and let me know what you’re driving.

I thought it had to do with my car, so if you’ve got a Camaro when you’re running a royal purple, I’m not talking about the HP which I thought about giving that a try, but a standard royal purple oil, let me know how your car runs on it.

If you had any of the symptoms that I had, if you’re new to the channel and you haven’t seen my royal purple video backtrack down there, I’ll put it at the end of this video, make it a little bit easier, click it, you’ll see some of the symptoms I was having.

Thanks, make sure to hit that subscribe button for more videos, like the video, share it with a friend, YouTube is my only source of income while I’m looking for another job, if you didn’t see that, I’ll stick the video here, I appreciate you, we’ll see you next time.

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