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New Valvoline Coupon Global Headquarters Groundbreaking Event

We’ve had a lot to celebrate, recently we had a record 2015 that we wrapped up September 30th and we celebrated that, we’re well into 2016 and we focus on more records in 2016, but we’re also starting our one hundred and fiftieth year in business in 2016, so it’s special to be part of a business and a brand that survived and thrived for that long.

It’s our job to make sure that continues in the years ahead and then most significantly, perhaps it is the major announcement that ashlynn made not too long ago that ashlynn will be splitting into two great companies, both the new Ashland chemical business and then the valving business, so he’ll take us at least a year to complete this work.


Valvoline will be an independent publicly traded company headquartered here in Lexington Kentucky, that headquarter is definitely what we’re celebrating here today, it wasn’t too long ago, earlier this summer, I announced it to the valving employees that we would be building a new headquarter building and they were excited about this great new design.

But I must say they were greatly relieved when they learned it was going to be here in Lexington across the parking lot from our current location, it is a great testimony to the commitment that we’re making.

Lexington Lexington is a great place, it’s been a great place for Valvoline for a number of years, it is home to many of our employees who love the fact that they work in a great community that supports our business with good school system and a great quality of life.

We love Lexington and this commitment that we’re making, the Lexington is certainly a long-term commitment based on the outstanding place, it is in the bluegrass ashlyn Valvoline have had a long term commitment to sustainability, that includes all our facilities and we’ve made excellent progress with our sustainability commitment here in our current facilities.

But for this new building, this new facility will be a huge step up for us in terms of its efficiency and in its sustainability moving forward, we’re so excited about this design, I was told that this was going to be one of the first major office developments in the commonwealth to comply with the most current standards of the international energy conservation code.


So we’re very committed to that and the new building will not only save us money, but it’s going to be better for the environment, the valving business has a very strong culture and it reflects the brand, it’s all about performance and winning and teamwork.

One of the things that I’m excited about this new building is that with the work of our architect partners Solomon cord and buns that this new design reflects our culture and Steve Olson, I’d like to recognize Steve is one of our lead architects with SCB.

So Steve and the work of his team have developed a bold innovative design that certainly reflects valving brand and our culture, thank you all for coming together here, what a beautiful day it is.

We’re fortunate to have another reason to celebrate with the Valvoline team a couple of weeks ago, it was that hundred and fiftieth anniversary, a few weeks before that, it was another record year for the company and for the business.

We are celebrating a new investment in the future of Valvoline, we are very excited to not only be here, but to be making the investment here, I was talking with Sam and spent about 35 years that the Valvoline team has been here.

It’s obviously a great community for Valvoline as a company to grow to attract great people to be part of the team and to ensure that we have the competitiveness to compete on a global scale.

So this reinvestment would like to thank Mayor Gray for setting the environment to have this type of reinvestment, as we think forward, I think we started as one Ashland and have been one Ashland for many years and the contributions that Valvoline has made over those years has been profound.

I think it’s a great synergistic environment where ashlynn has contributed to Valvoline and Valvoline has contributed to Ashland, but it’s such a strong business and the team is so strong, the results, the leadership that we felt comfortable and confident to make the decision.

I think it’s a company that’s going to thrive, survive and do very well in the years to come, having the headquarters here will only make it stronger for the future.

Congratulations to the Valvoline team for another great day, moving forward to see its history, it’s a wonderful to be here with you, so thank you, what a great day it is in Lexington.

I want to say Sam is coming out of the design in the construction industry, they are very cool corporate headquarters, congratulations to each other, I want to thank councilmember Jennifer sketch field who has joined us.

Jennifer is here as I drove in today, as many of us drove in today, we turned off Manowar on the blazer Parkway blazer Parkway, the name of that street says a lot about the relationship between Lexington and Ashland paul blazer was chief executive officer of Ashland from nineteen thirty six to nineteen fifty-seven.

He started working for the company when he was in his 20s, we recognize his many contributions to our city, to our state by naming a street in his honor, the street reflects the importance of this company to our city.

Ashland has always been one of our cities and one of our state’s leading corporate citizens, a big part of Ashland is Valvoline and Valvoline has been at home here in Lexington for more than 30 years, that said a lot about our city.

As Sam said earlier, it tells the world Lexington is a great place to do business, it’s a vote of confidence in our cities workforce and quality of life, today’s announcement is a confirmation of our strong relationship.

Lexington is a university city that embraces talent ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit. Ashland is a company that exemplifies those values, Ashland’s legacy is one of support for all things good in our city, a generous corporate citizen always supporting education at the top of their list and the arts as well.

Ashland recognizes that education and the arts lift up and elevate us creating the quality of life, that’s essential to a growing company that depends on quality talent on quality people, like all of you that are here today.

So today’s groundbreaking is a celebration of a bright future for a great American company doing business in a great American city, congratulations to all of you too.

I enjoy celebrations and I especially enjoy family, this is the second celebration as you pointed out your hundred and fiftieth celebration of the day, it was interesting, the horsepower that you brought to that meeting, he is a small man named Hendricks, Hendricks Motorsports who I can remember.

You’ve always had a lot of horse power here as well, so on behalf of Commerce Lexington, first of all, thank you for allowing us to be part of this, it is a very grand day, I would like to take credit for the weather, a chamber weather day.

We’ll give it to whoever wants to take credit for it, the company’s commitment and continued investment in our city is very important not only to our economic development team, but to the citizenry.

In general, we’ve enjoyed a long-standing relationship with this great global brand and I want to tell you no matter where it is in the world, the name Valvoline registers, it opens up a door that cracks open that door for us to be able to go, that’s because of what you’ve been able to do in your hundred and fifty years and the Ashland name as well.

So we want to say to you that when the cameras all leave when the hoopla of this initiative excited day passes calling us commerce Lexington, the city will always be here and will provide for you tomorrow even more service.

Let us know what we can do to help your signature, your home is a very important deal to commerce Lexington into the business community, in general, we’re excited for your new home, we want to thank you for your investment and the jobs that you bring the Lexington, thank you Sam.

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